Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kirk has been shameless

Another B.S. Kirk quote from last year:
“We’ve sent three armies to the Middle East and I’ve fought in two of them. As combat veterans, we get to ask, ‘Are we going to still being doing this 20 years from now?’ So I’ve been in favor of anything that gets us to energy independence,” said Kirk, an intelligence commander in the Naval Reserve who was deployed in December to Afghanistan.
As I've pointed out before, Kirk does have wartime service, but that is very different from being a combat veteran.

More importantly, what the hell is he talking about? Afghanistan is not in the Middle East--as even the worst intel officer would know--so he must be referring to the Iraq missions Operation Desert Storm, Operation Northern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kirk served in Northern Watch. Period. So, regarding his statement he "fought in two" Middle Eastern conflicts, was he referring to his false claim to have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or his false claim to have served in Desert Storm?

While Kirk blamed both of those falsehoods on staffer errors, here's the lie coming right out of his mouth.


Blogger SanMigMike said...

I think claiming combat just because you were wearing a uniform at the time seems to be mostly a Republican thing, think back to Ronnie defending Hollywood dodging a deadly hail of Nazi and Jap fire and in his mind becoming real and then George W. and his having kids and having been in war or combat...

I think John Wayne began to forget that he was a draft dodger rather than a veteran but see how he is regarded in conservative eyes...not what you is what you claim you did, eh?

But the whole mess of claiming "combat" when you haven't been there is disturbing and disgusting.

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