Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leave Jan Brewer Alone!

Hey, maybe she's not lying when she said her "father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany." Sure, he spent WWII as a civilian for a naval munitions depot in Nevada and died in California in 1955, but it's wrong for people to jump to the conclusion Brewer's lying.

Maybe no one told her dad the war was over. Did you think about that, liberals? Huh? Maybe Wilford Drinkwine was the Hiroo Onada of Hawthorne, Nevada.


Blogger jwazzz said...

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is lying politicians like Jan Brewer are now immediately called out. Blogs like Nitpicker are currently doing the job that the corporate media gave up a long time ago and we are all better for it.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give the gal a break, she is being modest for her father. Goodness, he died fighting the Nazis, the Japaneses and both the North Koreans and the Communist Chinese...fer sure the munitions were used in the Pacific and during Korea...I bet some of that stuff was being used in Vietnam (at least in the early years) and maybe some of it saw service in Indochina when we were supplying the French. A real American hero kind of like Superman or Captain America.

8:22 PM  

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