Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mark Kirk comes out of hiding

He claims he was "careless" and wasn't thinking when he made what ABC Chicago reporter calls "misstatements" about his military career.

Look, a slip off the tongue is one thing, but ten "misstatements" about your military career you've repeated again and again make you a liar. As Jacksonville Journal-Courier columnist, Prof. Steve Hochstadt, writes:
Mark Kirk is a liar. Kirk is running for the Illinois Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. Over his political career, Kirk has used deliberate lies about his past to promote himself as a better person. Although he has been a congressman for five terms, his lying only recently attracted attention.


Kirk lied to his Congressional colleagues, to his staff and to Illinois voters. He lied on TV, on the Internet and on paper. Kirk’s lies about his past have been compounded by his lies about these lies. He claimed that his campaign biography was “not precise.” He said a staffer wrote the false letter to Illinois voters. He has brushed off his years of lying as tricks of memory.
These reporters need to quit pretending Kirk just slipped up. They also need to ask him the right questions.

Better journalists, please!

Update: When is a press conference not a press conference? When you invite your supporters to heckle the media.
Kirk packed the press conference with a “Hallelujah chorus’’ of 100 supporters who heckled reporters and shouted “move on” when reporters pressed Kirk about his numerous mistakes on his military record. One supporter even harassed a Bloomberg news reporter after the conference.
For a Desert Storm veteran Iraqi Freedom veteran combat veteran self-proclaimed tough guy, it sure is wimpy of him to drag out a posse to take on the press.

Update: Politico points out that Illinois Republicans say Kirk micro-manages his campaigns. Wonder why they didn't tell us that when he was blaming his falsehoods on staff errors?

Update: More here.


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