Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mark Kirk's worst lies

Apparently, Kirk used his position as an intel officer to claim secret knowledge of WMDs in Iraq, saying in a debate:
You don't support the war because you don't have the security to know about the photographs of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that I know about.
There were more such lies, including the "Hussein Kamal" falsehood, which, as I've argued, is proof positive the Bushies and their allies were willing to lie us into war.

A quick reminder. Kirk said:
On December 7 of last year, he told the U.N. that he owned 30,000 chemical weapons, but he forgot where he put them. We have not even found the chemical weapons that Saddam admitted to the U.N. he made. There are over 500 WMD sites in Iraq, and we have inspected less than half of them.

Remember Dr. Hussein Kamel? The U.N. inspected Iraq for 4 years between 1991 and 1995 and found no nuclear program. Dr. Kamel then told us that 40,000 Iraqis worked on nuclear weapons, but our intelligence missed it all.
Hussein Kamal's testimony to the UN was used multiple times by advocates of going to war with Iraq. Clearly, they had read it in order to reference so frequently. Yet, time and time again, those who argued for war refused to acknowledge that, if they felt Kamal was trustworthy when he spoke about the nature of Saddam's weapons projects, they should have taken his word that those projects had been shut down and the weapons destroyed.

This isn't one of those areas where Kirk can simply claim all intel agencies thought Saddam had weapons. Kirk is saying he saw evidence of those WMDs with his own eyes, due to his top secret clearance. This couldn't possibly be true because we know now there was no evidence to see. To point to Kamal's testimony as evidence of WMDs is proof positive of a willingness to lie by omission in order to start a war.

Kirk has told lie after lie about his own military service and I find that repugnant. This, however, is much worse.


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