Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open letter to Bon Appétit magazine

Look, I don't mind that your new blogger has named his blog "The Nitpicker," but did y'all really think that name through? When I started using the name in 2002, I knew the literal sense of the term--picking the eggs of lice out of hair--was, well, gross.

But you know what? Politics can be gross. I saw the name working in my favor two ways: Yes, it does alert people that I may, at times, be overly critical of small transgressions, but I saw it also as a way of suggesting I would be trying to correct small errors before they grew any bigger. In other words, I wanted to clean the "bugs" from the political system.

To use the name for a food blog though? As someone who's done a small bit of branding work (and a subscriber), that strikes me as an extremely bad choice. The last thing two things I ever want to connect in my head are delicious food and the act of picking out tiny, nearly invisible parasite eggs.


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