Friday, June 11, 2010

An open letter to Edward McClelland

Dear Mr. McClelland,

First, I take issue with your complaint that pointing out the concerns of the DoD about Kirk's politicking in uniform is nagging. I broke that story and only someone inured to a world of lies or oblivious to the meaning of military honor could find it unimportant. While I may not put a lot of faith or trust in politicians, I do expect commissioned officers to live up to a set of principles and the DoD--not me--says Kirk failed to do so.

Second, your suggestion the Giannoulias campaign had something to do with the revelation is false and gratuitous. I have no connection to their campaign or, for that matter, the state of Illinois. I'm simply a veteran who hates to see the military politicized and hates military fakers even more. I first pointed out Kirk was lying about his record in 2005, long before there was an open Senate seat over which Kirk and Giannoulias could fight.

Military people take this stuff seriously. You might have asked a couple before you wrote this toss-off column. You might also have noticed that I, an independent blogger with no ties to the Giannoulias campaign, broke those stories. It's not opposition research, it's reporting. You should try it.

You want "better voters." I want better journalists.



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If I could, I'd high five you right now

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