Friday, June 18, 2010

The pot calling the pot the pot

Never in the history of America has a public figure been less self-aware than Glenn Beck. The man actually said this when speaking about one of the characters in his book.*
My point is that there is a great danger in the way facts can be spun or strung together to give credibility to what is otherwise a wild-eyes conspiracy theory. It is our responsibility to look at everything with a skeptical eye, and also to be aware that many will try to twist reality to serve their own agenda or reinforce their worldview.

* As Noah Kristula-Green points out at FrumForum, Beck's ghostwriter couldn't actually bring himself to make the conspiracy theorist a bad guy. Instead the character gives speeches to Tea Party groups who, sadly, think he's making good points. I'm starting to think that ghostwriter is a subversive super genius.


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