Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A response to Mark Kirk

Kirk's campaign tells Capitol Fax Blog:
Mark Kirk has served our nation in the U.S. Navy for two decades and has done so honorably. The fact is, Congressman Kirk never violated Defense Department policies. He has misspoken about his record, acknowledged it and apologized. Mark Kirk left for Afghanistan and he did not engage in political activities - even in the face of radio commercials accusing him of being gay. The memorandum in question is simply off the mark. Furthermore, this raises grave concerns and questions about who gained access to Kirk’s confidential records. The document in question should be viewed for what it is - a baseless political ploy by partisans bent on defending a U.S. Senate seat at any cost.

Going forward, we will be submitting a Freedom of Information Act request for all correspondence between Administration officials and Democratic campaigns or political operatives regarding Mr. Kirk’s personal military records. We will not stand by and allow partisan attacks invalidate two decades of military service, both here and overseas.
The memo was sent to me from someone who received it from inside Kirk's own camp. Suggesting it came from administration officials or political operatives is baseless. I have backed up every single statement I've made about Mark Kirk, but he has chosen to respond to substantive and substantiated claims I have made with unsupported accusations. I'm not a political operative. I'm a pissed off vet who hates fakers and, as I and others have extensively documented, Mark Kirk is a liar.

If Kirk's campaign wants to accuse me of colluding with someone in his opponent's campaign or in the administration, he better bring some proof. The truth is Kirk has a leaky campaign.

Surprising for an intelligence officer, no?

Also, it would seem an intelligence officer would understand the term "confidential" is an official DoD classification level meaning "material (that) would cause 'damage' or be 'prejudicial' to national security if publicly available." The document is not marked CONFIDENTIAL and, if this were a confidential document, then Kirk himself, by emailing it to unsecure email accounts, would have violated Department of Defense security policy and should lose his security clearance.

As for the substance of the memo's claim itself, Kirk should take that up with the Under Secretary of Defense who wrote the memo. Unlike him I don't make up stories about his military service. I only report them.

Update: The heart of Kirk's statement above, that "Kirk never violated Defense Department policies," has been proven to be a lie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually this is a good thing. They are overreacting and this will bring a lot more scrutiny to this issue. thank you for your work.

6:10 PM  
Blogger UKTrojan said...

I read your postings daily,NP. As a former Chicagoan, I can tell you the Kirk matter reeks of North Shore politics. This translates into privileged politicos puffing up their resumes, and then feigning indignation when the truth wins out.

Keep up the heat. Nothing worse than a chicken hawk in public office.

7:59 AM  
Blogger cachobaires said...

Great work...keep it up!!!
Any elected official that goes to China and tells the chinese goverment NOT to invest in the US is a TRAITOR and an IDIOT, Mark Kirk is BOTH!!!!!

11:21 AM  

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