Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Partiers v. George Washington

Like their self-styled leader, Glenn Beck, Tea Partiers seem to lack the most basic understanding of the history they claim underpins their movement. Doug Kendall:
(Alabama congressional candidate Rick) Barber's ad invokes patriots such as George Washington apparently to support a proposition that Washington would surely have found abhorrent: that citizens should engage in armed rebellion in response to government actions sanctioned by our Constitution. In fact, we know precisely how President Washington would have responded if the armed rebellion suggested by Barber materialized: he would have crushed it. We know this because just such a rebellion - the Whiskey Rebellion - happened during Washington's presidency.
Read the whole thing.

There are a million little historical errors like this in Tea Party rhetoric. So many, in fact, it seems an insurmountable task to take them all on. (I mean, don't get me started on how ridiculous it is for Glenn Beck to claim Thomas Paine as a spiritual father.) Every time I start in with a post about those errors, I find myself stymied by their sheer number, so I'm glad there are still some optimistic souls out there who are still willing to wade into the stupid.

Update: Also: Why Thomas Jefferson would have liked the Tea Party.


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