Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freedom's just another word for flapping in the political breeze like a shred of plastic bag on barbed wire fence

Bill Kristol, who argued for endless spending on military programs, whose magazine championed "big government conservatism" and considers himself a "card-carrying member" of the right's neoconservative wing--which, according to its founder (Kristol's dad) believes the "the growth of the state in the past century...(is) natural, indeed inevitable"--now writes that spending and the growth of the government has led to a "genuine crisis" for the country.

You can't argue with the guy. It's like punching water.

If not for his father's influence, Bill Kristol would be the fourth best car salesman at an ailing lot in southern Virginia, hanging on to his job by kissing the owner's ass every time it got within ten feet of him. He's a hack who, time and time again has proven himself a hypocrite with no respect for the truth.

Why anyone takes this guy seriously is beyond me.


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