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NPR spreads a falsehood

Jim Here:

On Sunday's "On The Media", NPR's Brooke Gladstone interviewed Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics. Dubner recounts a story from the book:

[Levitt] began to notice a pattern, which was that there were quite a few instances in which the two same candidates ran against each other repeatedly.

And what Levitt found was that if you looked at the Congressional races where the same two candidates ran each other repeatedly, well, the appeal of the candidate presumably didn't change a whole lot – you'd have to control for incumbency and things like that – but what often did change was the amount of money that was spent.

And what that allowed him to do was to try to isolate the causal effect of the money itself. How important is it to spend a lot more money? And the result was ... you can double the amount you spend and raise your share of the vote by about one percent.

Similarly, if you’re winning an election and you cut your spending in half, you'll lose only about one percent of the vote.

So, the original study showed that the amount of money spent in a second (or subsequent) match-up between two candidates did not substantially change the outcome from that which occurred in the first election. In other words, campaign spending has limited effectiveness in rematches between two candidates. The study says nothing about the role of campaign spending in the original matchup -- it can't, for those are the baseline used to measure the effect of spending on the rematches.

This result seems plausible -- there exists what we know as "brand loyalty", and, having once selected one candidate from a pair, it is reasonable to expect voters to have some brand loyalty that keeps them voting for the same person election after election given the same match up. So, to the degree the composition of the voting public is static, we would expect campaign spending to have limited ability to sway voters from the choices they had already made between two candidates.

However, in the first election between the pair, a significant number of voters will not have made up their minds, and thus be more open to influence from many sources--including campaign ads. So, there is reason to believe that campaign spending can be important in the initial campaign between a particular pair of candidates (e.g.: Angle v. Reid; McMahon v. Blumenthal; O'Donnell v. Coons, etc.), and Levitt's study, of course, says nothing on the matter.

And so, Dubner sliped one past Ms Gladstone when he then turned around and made the far broader -- and unjustified -- claim that: [I]f you look over the long stretch, you just don't find a causal relationship between spending and electoral outcome. Dubner knows nothing of the sort. Most elections are not rematches, and Levitt's study gives no insight into the role of campaign spending on initial matches.

Am I asking too much to expect the reporters to catch such errors? Your thoughts are appreciated!


Jim Bales



Blogger rewinn said...

Is it too much to expect reporters to ask penetrating questions ... when their job depends on access to the punditocracy?

She had to make a quick call: ask whether the analysis was b.s. and never, ever have this author, or anyone from his publisher, on the show ever again ... or let it go.

The entire mass media market is corrupted by considerations such as these, in my observation. Why else would ABC give the time of day to Brietbart, or defense contractors buy ad space on any network ('s not like anyone watching ABC is going to buy a submarine...)? You control the news by defining a carefully defined space of permitted talk privileging those who stay in the box, and punishing those who ... like Bill Maher ... stray into relevancy.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Nescio said...

My thoughts on what journalists (ought to) do today can be found here:

In short, they lack knoiwledge and are infected with the fair-and-balanced-virus:

8:34 AM  
Blogger Jim Bales said...


Many thanks for your comment -- you identify the fundamental tension journalists face.

I find interesting the contrast between US journalists and the BBC's, where they do push back somewhat against their guests. Any thoughts on why this cultural difference exists and perpetuates?


6:58 PM  
Blogger Jim Bales said...


You raise interesting points. For some time now, people have been pushing back against journalists always having two sides to a question without asking if either is factually correct. This Krugman clasic is from 2005!

So, any thoughts on what it would take to change the culture? (I type those words in trepidation, having heard Ed Schein speak about how hard it is to change culture!


7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NPR was caught politing on taxpayers dime. I guess they will be paying for this grave error. Why they fired Juan just before the election is unbelievable.

4:57 PM  
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