Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santorum hates the West

I posted something a few years back showing that the further right some commentators got, the more they started to see terrorists' points and agree with their critiques of the "decadent West." Little did I realize we'd ever have a Republican frontrunner who made the same illogical leap, yet, when Ed Kilgore posted a story today about a 2008 discussion in which Rick Santorum decided liberals can't be Christians, I had to read the whole discussion he had with The Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life. There's a typical Santorum sermon speech, but, boy howdy, the Q&A is a doozy.

Not only does Santorum argue Iraq was part of a "holy war" and that childless people are, ipso facto, also faithless people, he also makes a claim that should probably disqualify anyone from the presidency. Remember when Bush said terrorists "hate our freedoms"? Well, Rick disagrees with Bush, arguing that, while the terrorists use Western freedom as a recruiting tool, it's moderate Muslims who are turned off the most by us decadent people exercising our freedom. And he thinks they're right to do so. (Emphasis mine)
I think it’s going to be very hard to get Islam to embrace modernity for many reasons. But one, and I think as big as any, are the issues we’ve just talked about. I think a lot of Muslims legitimately look at Christendom and say, “They are hedonistic and secular. This tolerance has resulted in an abandonment of faith.”
Add this to Santorum's hatred of the "idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do" and you come to the conclusion that, while Bush's simplistic vision of what motivates terrorists is still wrong, Rick Santorum really does hate America for its freedoms.